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Pediatric Disorders

Biotherapy Alternative Medicine Clinic for kids.

As a parent, you want nothing more than for your child to be healthy. Alternative therapies can help regain and maintain your child’s health.

Most of the chronically ill, difficult to treat children can benefit from holistic, save, non-invasive and non-drug therapies. We can help your children with:

childhood colds and coughs strep throat (streptococcal infection)
skin rashes constipation, diarrhea
allergic reactions, allergies sleep disturbances
asthma attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
ear infections chronic fatigue and lower immunity
sinusitis acne and skin related problems
urinary tract infections anorexia or bulimia
bedwetting many other childhood illnesses and chronic infections

Biotherapy Alternative Medicine Clinic of San Francisco Bay Area offers for children with chronic conditions comprehensive, non-drug, complementary healing program that can:

  • Bolster and support the child’s immune system
  • Restore the proper digestion
  • Restore the balance of healthy intestinal flora after taking antibiotics
  • Alleviate pain and spasms
  • Fight with bacterial, viral and/or parasite infection using the natural remedies
  • Clean the whole body from internal toxins
  • Relax the child, alleviate stress and exhaustion
  • Support other therapies they may be receiving

Acupuncture is an amazing medicine for children. We use an ancient form of pediatric acupuncture which does not require needles to be inserted into the body. Instead, we use a variety of the acupuncture point’s stimulation by fingers, magnets, vibration, plasters and other methods. Acupuncture has the great advantage of being safe and non-invasive compared to surgery and other techniques. It is free from the side-effects of drugs. It is holistic and curative rather than merely symptomatic or palliative. The long-term effects are to strengthen the child. We make the acupuncture session funny and pleasant, and we involve kids in the healing process by engaging them in games and exercises.

Manual therapy and Tui-Na massage improve microcirculation, alleviate muscles spasms and open the blocked Eustachian tube (the tube between the middle ear and the back of the throat), bronchi, intestinal valves which in many cases may contribute to serious health problems. These techniques will:

  • improve a child’s ability to breathe, cough, and clear the lungs,
  • mobilize the immune system to fight back and overcome the infection.

Massage can improve a whole range of problems, including moods, activity level, sleep problems, lung, skin conditions and more.

Suction cups. Cupping is the application of cups containing a partial vacuum to the acupuncture points to increase local blood flow and have been used in treating back pain, sprains, and soft tissue injury, to relieve lung congestion and to treat a variety of different ailments.

Kids respond to Herbal Therapy extremely well. We use herbs for inhalation, nasal cleansing and compresses. Our unique herbal formulas consist of only safe, nontoxic and highly effective herbs. We have more than 25 years of experience in herbal medicine.

Healing Food Consultation. Diet and Nutrition not only help to create a strong defense against illness, but they are crucial to a child’s well-being. Many childhood illnesses and infections are due to food allergies, deficiency of vital nutrients, poor digestion, and other diet-related problems. Proper diet modifications can help your child successfully fight off infections, improve the weakened immune system and promote his or her body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Restoration of friendly intestinal flora after using antibiotics is the key for proper immunity, digestion, elimination and the entire child’s health. Two out of three infants receive antibiotics before they turn one year of age. By the age of two, three out of four children have received the drugs, according to recent research. These findings are especially alarming as resistance to common antibiotics is becoming an ever increasing problem.

On the other hand, antibiotics alter the balance of intestinal flora, promote the yeast overgrow and suppress the immune system. It makes child’s body more susceptible to bacterial and viral infections, which are treated with antibiotics again. The cycle continues…

Healing Exercises. The benefits of exercises are well documented and very well known. Exercises should be a daily routine for children. Exercises increase physical, cognitive and psychological abilities to deal with stresses of daily life. Other therapeutic benefits include increased endurance, promotion of weight loss, strengthened bones and other aspects of health.

Hypnosis for Children. Children are often the best subjects for hypnosis. All the current research shows that hypnosis with children is very similar to what is experienced by adults except that children have a much greater responsiveness to suggestion. How can hypnosis help? Try childish habits: bedwetting, nose picking, undesirable mannerisms and attitudes. As they grow older: attention problems, learning enhancement, study habits, anxieties (home & school), self-esteem and confidence, motivation, athletic performance, creativity, even grief from loss or separation. Children after 7 years old respond wonderfully to hypnosis.

To begin undergoing services at the Biotherapy Alternative Medicine Clinic for children, please select one of the following options:

  • Telephone consultation (415) 409-3939 (San Francisco) or (Redwood City)
  • Office consultation
  • Telephone or e-mail order nutrition supplementation program
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Peter Melamed, PhD with one of his young patients

Peter Melamed, MD was awarded a Ph.D. in medical science. He took further training in acupuncture, herbal medicine, and internal detoxification at universities in Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Perm, and Odessa. He was granted a license to practice acupuncture in Russia in 1978, and from that time he combined conventional Western medical treatment with herbs, acupuncture, and other non-drug healing therapies. After immigrating to the USA in 1991, he  obtained licenses to practice acupuncture in the state of California and in New York. He has also been certified by the National Board of Acupuncture. Peter Melamed has written numerous articles published around the world, and frequently lectures on various holistic topics around the Bay Area.

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