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Neck Pain 4 - Neck Pain Acupuncture at Biotherapy Clinic, in San Francisco

Neck Pain Acupuncture at Biotherapy Clinic, in San Francisco

Neck pain can cause a lot of inconveniences and prevent freedom of movement. It is one of the most common problems faced by the majority of Americans who claim that this issue stops them from performing routine and work-related activities seamlessly.
Muscle tension and back strain often cause pain in the neck area, but factors such as worn joints and broken-down cartilage can also cause soreness. Massages and painkillers are efficient ways to reduce pain, but these are just temporary solutions. If you want a more long-lasting option, we suggest you consider neck pain acupuncture at Biotherapy Clinic.
Acupuncture, as well as other efficient therapies we’re about to mention, provide long-term effects and ensure you reestablish the freedom of movement in the neck. Let us provide more in-depth explanations about the neck pain causes and potential treatments that go beyond standard approaches.
If you to want to improve the quality of your life without drugs, call:
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What Causes Neck Pain?

Since your neck is flexible and supports your head’s weight, it can be quite vulnerable to injuries and conditions that cause pain and limit motion. The factors that commonly cause pain are:
Generally, a wrong body position and bad posture can affect neck health and cause tension and pain. So, try to use good posture while standing and sitting, adjust your desk, chair, and computer, and make sure your head and neck are aligned with your body to prevent painful and restricted neck movements.

Benefits of Acupuncture for Neck Stiffness, San Francisco

Not sure what to expect from your neck pain acupuncture appointment? As mentioned, the benefits of acupuncture are extremely vast. When receiving acupuncture for neck stiffness or pain specifically, you can expect to feel relief from the pressure or pain you’ve been feeling in your neck, and also from any discomfort you might have in your shoulders or back.
Because the points used are often connected with things like headaches, sinus infections, fatigue, and muscle tension, relief of those symptoms is also a benefit of acupuncture for neck pain.
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Many insurance providers cover neck pain acupuncture. This includes neck pain. We always verify whether your insurance covers acupuncture for you prior to your first treatment so that we may save you the hassle of getting any surprises later on.
Many insurance carriers cover acupuncture with copay or coinsurance. If you have Cigna, United Healthcare, Anthem, Blue Shield, UMR, ASHP, Covered California, and many Supplemental Medicare plans, you are very likely to have coverage for acupuncture.
Call (415) 409-3939 or fill out our online form. We also accept lien, PI, and worker’s compensation patients for acupuncture.
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Why should I go to a Biotherapy Clinic for acupuncture for neck stiffness in San Francisco or Redwood City?

There are reasons why you should come to the Biotherapy Clinic and experience the ancient acupuncture neck pain treatment in San Francisco or Redwood City. They are –
If you to want to improve the quality of your life without drugs, call:
(415) 409-3939

Frequently Asked Questions

Research has shown acupuncture to be an effective treatment for neck pain. Neck pain can be connected with other joint pain, muscle knots, or even symptoms like fatigue, stress, and memory loss. As a holistic treatment, acupuncture can be beneficial not only for treating the particular area that’s bothering you but also for managing the underlying cause.
If the thought of using needles to treat pain sounds counterintuitive to you, you’ll be happy to know that it does not hurt. While you might feel a few sensations during your treatment, such as a light throbbing, heaviness, twitching, or warmth, the treatment overall should be a relaxing experience. We, at the Biotherapy Clinic, do not believe in painful treatments.

We use very thin, single-use only needles. Our patients rest comfortably. The whole treatment takes from 30-60 minutes. When the needles are inserted, we make sure that you are as comfortable as possible. In addition, we use infrared lights and meditation to help you relax.

So how does it work? First, your acupuncture practitioner will ask questions to learn about acupuncture for neck stiffness or pain you are experiencing (and to identify the underlying causes). From there, they will develop a personalized neck pain treatment plan and will use 15-30 acupuncture needles at the points corresponding to the pain you are feeling.

Typically, these needles will be left in for about 30 minutes. As you relax, the needles will do their job to stimulate the energy flow and kickstart your body’s healing. Again, while you may feel a slight pinch or a dull ache when the needle goes in, this will subside quickly—and most commonly, you will feel nothing at all.
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