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Medical Hypnosis

Felix1 - HypnosisLet me introduce myself. My name is Felix Melamed, LAc, MSTCM, CHt.

I am Licensed in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in California. I am certified by American Guild of Hypnotists in Hypnosis. In addition, I am certified in Medical Hypnotherapy.

In my practice, I have helped many people to change their lives by using hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Many of my clients now realize that it was impossible to induce changes by simply using the will power. Why do many people fail when it comes to quitting smoking, losing weight, or learning to cope with phobias and anxiety? The answer is complex, yet it is easier than you might think. You have to change the way you are thinking. Do you change the way you are thinking by taking diet pills? Most of the people gain everything they lost and then some as soon as they stop taking the pills. Most important is to realize why you want to change and then convince yourself on the subconscious level to do so. Oh, the proverbial subconscious mind! Why is it given to us? What does it do? Simply speaking it does not do much. It learns from and records everything we encounter in life. After September 11th, there was an influx of people afraid of flying. Many people, including those who never had the problem before, convinced themselves that it was dangerous to fly. The information was stored in their minds on the subconscious level and as soon as they thought about taking another flight, many were experiencing symptoms similar to a panic attack. Many of us experience similar symptoms daily unable to deal with the overbearing bosses, stress, public speaking, driving on highways just to name a few. Weight loss is similar. Overeating is a learned behavior. Eating at night is a learned behavior. Laziness and unwillingness to exercise are both learned behaviors. Try to change them and your subconscious mind tells you: “No. This is the way it has been for a month (year, 5 years, 10 years). Why change now?” Then it starts sending you little signals to stop your new way of life: discomfort, moodiness, cravings, excuses, denial. The good news is we can change. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy have been known for many years to help people to transform. When you are relaxed in the hypnotic trance, positive suggestions are given to replace the old unwanted ones. What requires of you is to know why and what you want.

There are many successful hypnotists and hypnotherapist helping people. I am one of them, but I am also different. First of all, I frequently combine hypnosis and acupuncture. This way I achieve two things: help my clients relax deeper and harmonize the body and the mind. For people who are afraid of needles, I use magnets or acupressure. In addition to seeing clients at Biotherapy Clinic in San Francisco, I record custom CDs so people can bring about the changes in the privacy of their own homes.

I can help you with the following problems and conditions:

Habit and Addiction Control
Smoking, Weight Loss, Establish Healthy Eating Habits, Anorexia, Bulimia, Increase Exercise, End Nail Biting, End Stuttering

Control ADHD, Reduce Stress, Overcome Insomnia, Manage Chronic Pain, Pre/Post-Surgery Concerns, Accelerate Healing, Manage IBS.

Anxiety and Fear
Eliminate Test Anxiety, Overcome Fears, Overcome Panic Attacks, Relationship Problems.

Most people when asked if they have ever been hypnotized reply “No”, and are mistaken. Everyone has and perhaps quite frequently been in a hypnotic state without realizing it. In childhood, daydreaming which is so real to the child that the dream or imagined situation takes the place of ordinary reality, is essentially self-hypnosis. In adult life, many people still daydream occasionally, and most people will have episodes of absent-mindedness or abstraction at times, in which they are, as we say, “in a world of their own”.

For instance, when driving down a familiar road, you may suddenly realize that you have traveled several miles without being able to remember details of that part of the journey. However, while driving, you were perfectly competent, adjusting to road conditions, avoiding dogs and children, stopping at red lights and so on, and reached your destination safely. Yet you realize that you have no memory at all of the last few miles and probably cannot remember what you were thinking about during that period. Or at another time, you may be engrossed in watching a film on TV or reading a book, when someone asks you a question, and you answer them. Later perhaps, that answer you gave is mentioned again, you have absolutely no recollection of it. And have you ever been surprised to hear from a friend that he saw you in the street, even said hello to you, and you walked straight past him? No doubt you can think of dozens of other examples from your own experience.

A lot of what people believe about hypnosis is untrue, including the idea that its prime function is to entertain. In recent years clinical hypnosis or hypnotherapy (therapy experienced in the hypnotic state) has gained considerable respectability in the medical profession for its therapeutic role in the management of many conditions including those that are stress and anxiety related.

It is difficult to define precisely the nature of hypnosis. For our purposes here the best way we can view it is as a state of intense physical and mental relaxation where the subject, although aware of immediate reality, experiences a sense of detachment from it. The focus of attention is usually internal and narrower than when fully alert.

Hypnosis is a state of mind of heightened suggestibility.   Another popular term used to describe this state is trance.  The greatest benefits of this state are that it allows us to access our infinite resources that lie hidden in the deepest depths of our minds and to create any desired change in our lives. 

We all experience this state on a daily basis while daydreaming, watching TV, reading a book, making love, dancing, exercising, listening to music or while we are engaged in some routine activities that leave our imagination free to wonder.

FAQ about hypnosis

You will not do anything that goes against your moral or ethical code. You will not reveal any dark secrets. You will not be unconscious. Remember, you are aware of your surroundings. It is very safe.

Everybody. Some people can go deeper than others, but if you are willing to be hypnotized, then you can be.

If there is an emergency, you will awake immediately. In hypnosis, you are not sleeping. You are deeply relaxed and fully aware of your surroundings. The situation is similar to that state when you are driving and you miss your exit. You were controlling the car, but your conscious mind was somewhere else.

What If You Make Me Do Something Against My Will?
Impossible. Study after study has shown that people in a trance state will not act at odds with their moral code. You will be aware in a trance state and you will be able to make judgments as to which suggestions to accept. Only suggestions that you do not reject will be accepted.

Is there evidence that hypnosis works?
Yes. While there are plenty of examples in the scientific literature attesting to the usefulness of clinical hypnosis, a study published in the journal Gut is noteworthy. The study involved 204 people suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Treatment consisted of 12 weekly sessions of hypnosis (lasting about one hour each). Fifty-eight percent of the men and 75 percent of the women reported significant symptom relief immediately after finishing treatment. More than 80 percent of those who reported initial relief were still improved up to six years later. Fewer than 10 percent of the participants tried other treatments after hypnotherapy. (Gut, November 2003).

A typical first visit, one hour session consists of getting to know one another. One reason is for us to learn the type of suggestions that will work best for you. Another reason is for you to be at ease and to have any questions you have answered. Next comes the hypnotic induction. It takes a little longer in the first session, so we can get the most depth, and as a result, in following sessions you will go deeper quicker. When you come out of the trance you are refreshed, rested and ready to continue your day with a smile and a positive purpose.

It varies for each problem and each person. In the first session we will discuss the plan that is best for you.

Many of our clients quit after only one session. Few need two or three. Remember, if you want to quit, you will quit.

Absolutely! Everyone know diets are hard to stick to. Weight loss is extremely difficult when you feel like you are depriving yourself. Instead of being a positive and exciting experience, losing weight becomes a struggle against yourself. This is where hypnosis is so effective. Using hypnotherapy, you can re-educate your unconscious mind to stop craving fatty, high-sugar foods. When you start actually preferring healthy, low calorie food weight loss becomes so much easier. Of course, for lasting weight loss, this needs to be part of a healthy lifestyle, but once you have got your unconscious mind on your side, things are so much easier.

Biotherapy Clinic is an ideal place for you to start your weight loss program. Not only we can “reprogram” your mind to succeed, we  can also teach you about healthy eating habits, remove toxins from your body and improve your health.  And that is not it yet.  As a part of your session, we will record a custom made CD, prepared exclusively for YOU to take home. By listening, you will be able to continue with hypnosis in the privacy of your home.

How much does hypnotherapy cost?
$80 per session (including acupuncture and and a FREE Custom, Individually Recorded Hypnosis CD*)

You are absolutely right, lots of folks  specialize in hypnosis. We specialize in MEDICAL HYPNOTHERAPY. To achieve the maximum results we often combine hypnotherapy with auricular magnet therapy, acupuncture and acupressure.  We have food supplements and herbs to promote healing, decrease symptoms and help you on the road to health and well-being. At Biotherapy Clinic you will find many treatments under the same root. We do not believe in “one therapy can fix everything” approach. We, at Biotherapy Clinic, combine the wisdom of traditional folk medicine, ancient Eastern medicine, American and European naturopathy, and cutting-edge Western technology to provide a complete, all natural response to your healing needs.

If you do not feel comfortable coming to my my office, you can get help in a privacy of your own home. Click here to find out more.
YOU MAY BE WONDERING…Medical hypnosis is an evidence-based modality. It has demonstrated that it can help people feel better, heal faster and be more effective. In fact, in a recent Wall Street Journal article (Altered States: Hypnosis Goes Mainstream, Michael Waldholz, 10/7/2003), the author cites major hospitals using hypnosis to speed up recoveries from surgery. Still, the general public is not well aware of its many well-documented benefits.

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* One CD per client

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