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I live in Miami and have suffered for more than 6 years. Desperately searching for help and relief, I found the website of Doctor Peter Melamed. After three months following his advise, supplements, dietary plan, and telephone consultations, he gave me the necessary support to improve my condition and gain the strength to travel to San Francisco for his treatment. It has been a blessing to have personally met Dr. Melamed. His experience, knowledge, and passion to help me improve my condition with his treatment has given me hope and strength to keep fighting after so many years of suffering. I am very grateful. Peter is an excellent doctor. Thank you! July 14, 2018
Dear Mr. Melamed, I am so happy to found you. For the first time after 3 weeks I slept without pain in my left shoulder. The acupuncture worked well on my body as usual. I have been using acupuncture technique for over 30 years and I have always had a positive result. Thank you so much for introducing me to so many great supplements. For the first time after many years my stomach was feeling normal. I usually get that feeling after my hydrotherapy session. It's amazing how well it made me feel on my first day! I am looking forward to seeing you this Friday and I am committed to make my immune system stronger. For the sake of my family and my late mother who I spent most of my time taking care of her for the past 20 years. I didn't have time to take care of myself and now it's time to fix all the issues that I have been putting off with my body. Thank you again for your kind service and your wisdom.
Many thanks to Alina for her sensitive,gentle and effective colonic. I felt safe and cared for. Alina transmit much light and love. Blessings, Joanna
Thank you for the work you do.  I am so glad I walked through your doors. I am hopeful for the first time in years that I could finally get the help I need to feel better.
Biotherapy Clinic healed my candida! I had tried other diets before but nothing worked. Their program did. I drove 45 minutes each way to get to my appointments. It was worth it. The relief of getting rid of the candida was life-changing. I am free again! I have recommended Biotherapy Clinic more times than I can count. They helped me get my life back and I am so grateful.
I highly recommend Felix and The Biotherapy Clinic. I am a 59 year old woman and I have always had a problem with regularity. I suffered from Belliumia since I was 16 years old. Sorry to say 44 years.
I am so happy that I came to the Biotherapy Clinic for help with my gastrointestinal problems.
My gastrointestinal problems were severe. I hadn't had a normal bowel movement in months.
I was so heavily impacted and overloaded wirh candida overgrowth that it had begun to affect
my existence and I was becoming more and more afraid about my prognosis. During a colonscopy
traditional doctors decided that since I was so heavily impacted that I must be eating paper, plastic
and dust, so they didn't offer me no further assistance.
Years ago, co-workers told me about the Biotherapy Clinic and I decided to give them a call.
I believe they saved my life through colonics and supplements which pushed me to do my part by
changing my diet (for life) with a regular exercise routine. Since the colonic and destraction of the
candida I feel wonderful. I have lots of energy, my eczema has gone completely away. I have no
asthmatic symptoms. My brain is no longer fogged, as for a student this is tremendous. My skin
gloves, for which everyone tells me. I don't have any desire for junk food. My tummy is almost flat
and I have a greater lung capacity like I did when I was a child.
Thanks and gratitude to the Biotherapy Clinic!


Dear Felix,
It's been my utmost pleasure to deal with Biotherapy Clinic.
Stuff,extremely knowledgable and friendly.
It's my profound gratitude and sincere intentions to utilize your services in near future.
I have been a client of Biotherapy for more then 15 years now and have always enjoyed the benefits of their services, especially acupuncture and colon hydrotherapy. The technicians usually very clearly explaine the processes to me. The staff there consists of  caring and loving persons.
As a former healthcare professional myself, I am very aware of convenience, privacy, confidentiality and client's feeling of the well being and I can attest that these are of the high priorities at Biotherapy.
Since I started my sessions at Biotherapy, I have forgotten about many of the health issues which bothered me in the past. I  believe that I have truly benefited from healing sessions and nutritional supplements which I received at Biotherapy.
Once when I was in the waiting room, an older woman looked at me and said "You are so smart that you found this place when you are still young! I wish I had known how to take better care of my health when I was your age." Well, at my then young age, I was suffering from asthma, severe allergies (to all kinds of foods, dust, pets, you name it), and debilitating fatigue. Peter put together a therapy course for me that included accupuncture, diet, herbal supplements and cleansing, and after a few months of this I was not just better -- I was cured. I have no asthma to this day, very little (mostly seasonal allergies). Modern medicine had had nothing to offer me, and Biotherapy made me feel like I could be in control of my health. I should also mention that when my first child was breach and the doctors were telling me I would have to have a C-section, I came in for accupuncture therapy with Felix to turn her head down, and this is a true story -- I was sitting in my doctor's office as he was on the phone scheduling the C-section for me and felt slight contractions; when they did an ultrasound 5 minutes later, the nurse started yelling 'Dr, she turned, she's head down!". I was so relieved I did not have a C-section, and every day very grateful to Felix!
I have been cured by Acupuncture and supplements provided by Felix at biotherapy clinic,I had suffered from severe stress & adrenal fatigue and anxiety! It took some time for me to heal,but it was a process I had to go through,I will forever be grateful! I'm a firm believer in this form of healing medicine.Many thanks!
This person did weekly acupuncture sessions and took dietary supplements. I am happy she is doing better. (Felix Melamed, LAc)
I was a non-believer but Peter and Rosa Melamed had changed my mind. They have been fantastic in understanding my concerns and developing a program that was really truly customized to my needs and issues. I'm still a big supporter of Western medicine, but I can truly appreciate how much more options there are out there. I will always come back to the Biotherapy Clinic and I am not going to wait until western medicine fails next time.
I received the custom CD in today's mail, and I just now finished listening to it for the first time. I am favorably impressed. I was caught off guard when at one point your words triggered an emotional response in me that resulted in my shedding a few tears. I see this as an indication that the session affected me on a pretty deep level. I feel optimistic about this venture, and will listen to the CD every day, if that is recommended.
thank you!
I've been attending Biotherapy Clinic for the last 6 months, and my symptoms have literally disappeared. At the beginning I most confess I was a little skeptic, I've had tried so many things with no result, that I didn't thought such a change was possible. I had the most painful menstrual cramps, and with acupuncture and vitamin supplements they have completely disappear!  I used to take so many painkillers, which would relief, my pain, but affect my guts. Not only I don’t have more painful cramps, also my intestinal flora, which was really damaged by so many painkillers, is at balance now! I had many problems digesting some foods; I had gastritis, colitis, and candida problems. The treatment offered at Biotherapy clinic has really helped me a lot. They introduce me to healthy eating habits, and with the help of the supplements and the colonic cleanse program I no longer suffer of all those gastrointestinal problems any more. I’ m very happy with the results and highly recommend Biotherapy Clinic.  I was sick of having to take so many drugs and I visited so many different doctors before with no results, and I love that in Biotherapy Clinic, I was treated with all natural herbal supplements, no drugs, and amazing results!
Dear Felix, a few months ago you made me a hypnosis CD so that I could get pregnant with twins. I am happy and thankful to say that I am now 17 weeks pregnant with healthy twins. I just wanted to let you know and thank you.
Before I heard about the Biotherapy Clinic I was experiencing a high level of anxiety. Oddly enough I held most of my anxiety in my throat which gave me the sensation that I could not swallow. I went to countless doctors trying to figure out what was wrong with me and why I felt the way I did. I had hospital tests done and came back with a clean bill of health. The doctors said everything I was feeling was all due to anxiety. A friend at work mentioned the Biotherapy Clinic and I went in for a consultation right away. I met with Felix Melamed and right off the bat he made me feel so comfortable and made me believe he could help me with what I was going through. I started the *European Whole Body Cleanse* the following week. Along with everything that is included in the cleanse I added acupuncture to my weekly checkups. I am now finished with the 7 week cleanse and I have never felt better in my ENTIRE LIFE. Not only is my stress and anxiety level down but the feeling i n my throat is gone. This cleanse also opened my eyes to a better way of life with my diet and my daily routine. I am SO happy I did the *European Whole Body Cleanse* and am now able to take what I learned in the past 7 weeks and add it to my life from here on out!!
I got your CD and listened to it last night when I went to sleep. I noticed a big difference the next day! While not 100% where I want to be, it was a very good start.
I came to Biotherapy four years ago with some digestive problems and was not feeling well. I also had a very bad patch of eczema on my face that would not go away. After my consultation with Peter he informed me that I had a bad case of Candida and suffered from a sluggish metabolism. Overall, my system was not running very well. I signed up for the European Cleanse, a 6 week course for Colon Hydrotherapy, and since then have been a regular client of the clinic. They have completely changed my health. My weight has dropped significantly and my overall health has improved immensely. The Candida is under control and my digestion has improved immensely. I can't say enough about this clinic and the people who work here. They are healers and have helped me become an athlete who can now swim from Alcatraz to the Aquatic Park. Walking into Biotherapy changed my life for the better.
I love the CD.  As I said, it is so very cool to hear my name in it. I truly think it helps.  It is so amazing about the subconscious mind and how much it affects us.   I will keep you posted, and thank you so much for offering custom CDs and for taking the time to make one for me.