I came to Biotherapy four years ago with some digestive problems and was not feeling well. I also had a very bad patch of eczema on my face that would not go away. After my consultation with Peter he informed me that I had a bad case of Candida and suffered from a sluggish metabolism. Overall, my system was not running very well. I signed up for the European Cleanse, a 6 week course for Colon Hydrotherapy, and since then have been a regular client of the clinic. They have completely changed my health. My weight has dropped significantly and my overall health has improved immensely. The Candida is under control and my digestion has improved immensely. I can’t say enough about this clinic and the people who work here. They are healers and have helped me become an athlete who can now swim from Alcatraz to the Aquatic Park. Walking into Biotherapy changed my life for the better.