Once when I was in the waiting room, an older woman looked at me and said “You are so smart that you found this place when you are still young! I wish I had known how to take better care of my health when I was your age.” Well, at my then young age, I was suffering from asthma, severe allergies (to all kinds of foods, dust, pets, you name it), and debilitating fatigue. Peter put together a therapy course for me that included accupuncture, diet, herbal supplements and cleansing, and after a few months of this I was not just better — I was cured. I have no asthma to this day, very little (mostly seasonal allergies). Modern medicine had had nothing to offer me, and Biotherapy made me feel like I could be in control of my health. I should also mention that when my first child was breach and the doctors were telling me I would have to have a C-section, I came in for accupuncture therapy with Felix to turn her head down, and this is a true story — I was sitting in my doctor’s office as he was on the phone scheduling the C-section for me and felt slight contractions; when they did an ultrasound 5 minutes later, the nurse started yelling ‘Dr, she turned, she’s head down!”. I was so relieved I did not have a C-section, and every day very grateful to Felix!