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Back Pain and/or Sciatica

How Biotherapy Alternative Medicine Clinic can help people with Back Pain and/or Sciatica.

Biotherapy Alternative Medicine Clinic of San Francisco Bay Area offers comprehensive healing program for sufferers from Back Pain and/or Sciatica.
The program may include:

Acupuncture (including non-needle techniques)
Japanese scalp acupuncture
Vacuum therapy (cupping)and magnet therapy
Special physical exercises
Herbal Medicine and Nutritional Supplementation

What causes the lower back pain?

According to statistics up to 60 % of Americans at least once in their lifetime suffered from lower-back pain. It is especially common among the people of 45 to 64 years of age who suffer from different forms of sciatica.

The rise of this illness, apparently, is promoted by injuries of various types and a life style with little movement. Lower-back pain can be caused by damage to the vertebrae, herniated discs, nerves, ligaments, and muscles.

If at age of 45, the principal reason for the appearance of back pain is excessive physical stress of a traumatic nature to the back, then after 50, the problems with the lumbar region are most often related to damage to the cartilage of the discs. They are” getting old,” lose their elasticity and resilience, become brittle and fragile, and decrease in size. The distance between the vertebrae decreases, as if they “cave in,” and thus squeeze the nerves located in the gaps between vertebrae, causing pain.

Why “aging” dystrophy of the discs takes place in some people at an earlier age? Scientists think that the lack of vitamins, microelements, and minerals (especially calcium), chronic tissue acidity, excessive weight, diabetes, chronic internal intoxication from the large intestine, constipation, hormonal imbalances during the menopausal period, and many other factors are playing an important role in the early onset of the dystrophy of the discs.

Lower-back pain often takes on an acute form and brings a person much suffering and worry. Taking the usual pain medications does not always bring relief. This is why nowadays interest has increased in drugless therapeutic methods. One among —acupuncture—has a great significance. This method of treating sciatica and back pain has a thousand-year history and is now widely applied throughout the entire world. During the treatment session the acupuncturist insert at special points fine as hair, sterile, single-use needles. The procedure is almost painless. Acupuncture is especially effective when during the insertion of the needles the patient senses a feeling of the flowing of the “current.”
According to data from experts of the World Health Organization, the effectiveness of acupuncture with back pain approaches is 85 percent.

While speaking about the treatment of back pain and pain in the lumbar region, it is impossible not to mention the subject of herbal therapy. Treatment with herbs aids in the reestablishment of the metabolism in the affected cartilage, muscles, and ligaments, in the improvement of sleep, and in the decrease of stress and depression.

Special research has demonstrated that often the onset of illness or exacerbation of pain in the back is preceded by long psychological and emotional stress. In the overwhelming majority of cases, pain in the lower back in people over 50 years old is often linked with the development of osteoarthritis of the spine and progressive dystrophic alterations in the cartilage and discs. In order to halt this process and give life to the affected cartilage tissue, at Biotherapy Clinic we use vitamins, minerals in very good digestive form, microelements, various amino acids, preparations from cartilage, body cleansing, and many other drugless methods of treatment.

We also recommend the physical exercises that should be performed in cases of chronic lower-back pain and we emphasize the proper diet for preventing osteoporosis and chronic cartilages and bones.

If pain has appeared in the back or sciatica has occurred, this is a signal of danger that the body is not able to cope with this disorder independently and that it needs the aid of a specialist. Do not wait until the pain goes away by itself. It will simply get worse and go into a chronic degenerative form and will bring more suffering.


If you are suffering from Back Pain and/or Sciatica please call (415) 409-3939 to make an appointment for a free consultation. We’ll customize healing plan for you. We have more than 30-years of experience, unique methods and very good rate to help people like you.

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