• Do you want to know how to improve digestive health?
  • Do you want to know how to improve the entire health of your body?
  • Do you know how acidic bile and pancreatic juice cause many digestive disorders?
  • Do you know how abdominal pain can happen in the gallbladder without gallstones or inflammation?
  • Do you want to learn what the healthy alkaline diet is?
  • Do you know how to restore natural health without surgery and medications in case of biliary dyskinesia, gallstones, sphincter of Oddi dysfunction, SIBO?
  • Do you want to know how to reduce the needs for gallbladder surgery?
  • Do you want to learn how to decrease pain, gas, nausea, sphincter of Oddi dysfunction, bile reflux, bile acid diarrhea after gallbladder removal?

The answers to these critical issues’ you will find in the book “Natural Health Before and After Gallbladder Removal” written by Peter Melamed, Ph.D. The author shares with the readers his decades of medical experience as an emergency room and outpatient department medical doctor in USSR and 23 years of working as a holistic practitioner

This is a unique book with 500 pages and hundreds of references to support the author’s points of view.

This book focuses on non-surgical and non-pharmaceutical healing of digestive and gallbladder disorders. Many references are provided from doctors, professors, and researchers from all over the globe support the author’s opinion.

Three common scenarios are described in this book: biliary dyskinesia or sphincter of Oddi dysfunction type III, silent gallstones, and problems after the loss of a gallbladder. Why is it happening and how we can heal it without drug and surgery? Beneficial information and procedures such as healthy alkaline diet, healing mineral water, acupuncture, herbs and supplements, abdominal massage and more are discussed in details.

750 thousands of Americans, 10% of them are children lose their “unneeded” gallbladders every year without realizing that Mother Nature has not formed any unnecessary organs. An absence of gallbladder can eventually lead to pain and indigestion. 20-40 percent of individuals can suffer from postcholecystectomy syndrome. This book figures out why it happens and what needs to be done to improve your entire digestive health, save your gallbladder, and possibly life.

You can give yourself, or your loved one’s years of improved digestion and, therefore, a better quality of life.

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