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Detoxification Programs

Biotherapy Clinic offers the following detoxification programs:

European Whole Body Cleansing Program

Comprehensive 7-week detoxification program with focus on liver, gallbladder, and  colon by using colon hydrotherapy, herbs, healing food consultation, and Karlovy Vary Healing Mineral Water

2-week Intensive Cleransing Program

Intensive 2-week program designed for people in good health who intend to detoxify their bodies. It is not designed for those suffering from digestive problems, Candida and some other health problems. This program can be combined with other cleansing protocols such as the Master Cleanse or 21 days detox.

Anti-Candida Whole Body Cleansing Program

Comprehensive and natural anti-Candida healing program, which includes: colon hydrotherapy with restoration of intestinal flora, dietary supplementation and modifications. Our Anti-Candida Program is highly customized for your individual needs. We have helped thousands of people in over 30 years.

European Whole Body Cleansing and Weight Loss Program

Unique and time proven weight loss program that will help not only shed the pounds and the inches, but will detoxify you, give you years of life, rejuvenate your body, and promote the quality of your life without drugs or surgery


Featured Dietary Supplement

Karlovy Vary Mineral Water

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