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2 week Intensive Cleansing Program

The necessity to cleanse and detoxify our bodies is becoming more and more important. Due to the modern diet, our heightened daily stresses, the toxic chemicals we ingest daily, and the increase in chronic degenerative diseases the body often needs a helping hand so that it can work more effectively to eradicate toxicity from the body. Although technology and industry have helped us to live more comfortably and have generally enhanced our way of life, we are paying a heavy price. The air we breathe, water we drink, and foods we eat are no longer clean. Our environment is contaminated and polluted. Since the 1940’s there has been an explosion of synthetic products. We are the first generation of humans to be exposed to so many synthetic chemicals.

In the past 60 years, these processes have been significantly altered:

  • how food is grown and packaged
  • how homes are built, furnished, and cleaned
  • how lawns and gardens are maintained
  • what cosmetic products we use

For instance, there are approximately 75,000 chemicals now in common use. Of these, less than 3% have been tested for carcinogenicity, and no safety studies have been done on more than half of them. In our daily life, we now use more than 50,000 chemicals, more than 3,000 chemicals are deliberately added to our food, and the average home contains more than 1,000 chemicals. The Environmental Protection Agency has reported nearly 30 cancer-causing chemicals in the fatty tissue (where toxins are usually stored) in most Americans today. All these toxins put a heavy load on your system, causing you to feel like you are “sinking,” and increasing the need for detoxification.

Environmental pollution is not only changing the ozone layer, plant species and animals, but humans as well. But only after seeing more and more young women with breast cancer and infertility problems; patients with chronic fatigue and chemical sensitivities; and more and more patients complaining of aches and pains and degenerative problems, health care professional started realizing something was not right.

How do you detoxify your body? Your liver and gastrointestinal (GI) tract are the major organs responsible for elimination of the toxins from your body. Think of them as your body’s sanitation department. It is important to remember that the GI tract, or gut, is the largest organ in your body. It’s responsible for your digestion, absorption, elimination, and immunity. It‘s also a sensory organ, connected to your brain through neurotransmitters and receptors. This means it is directly linked to your mood and perception of well-being.

Your detoxification system gets overwhelmed when the rate of exposure is greater than what your body can handle, the liver and/or intestines are not functioning optimally, or specific nutrients required for detoxification are lacking. So balancing your gut and supporting your liver nutritionally are essential. Symptoms of toxicity can be as varied as the individual, but generally speaking they manifest as:

  • headaches, fatigue, weakness, muscle and/or joint aches and pains
  • brain fog, poor concentration, irritability, depression, mood swings
  • allergies, stuffy nose, coughing
  • rashes, itching, hives
  • digestive symptoms/IBS/GI upset/constipation/Candida
  • sensitivities to chemicals, foods, drugs
  • Toxicity may also play a role in the following diseases and conditions:
  • cancers, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, autoimmune diseases
  • PMS, infertility
  • irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia
  • psoriasis, eczema, acne

Often, symptoms of toxicity first arise as digestive disturbances (bloating and gas after eating, foul-smelling stools, diarrhea and/or constipation), bad breath, acid reflux and heartburn. This usually indicates a growing food sensitivity or allergy that may be the first indication of a breakdown in your detoxification system. We become so used to feeling slightly ill after we eat (or all day long) that we mentally override our early warning systems.

We have had lots of success with our comprehensive European Whole Body Cleansing Program. In the past years, many of our satisfied clients received the benefits of detoxification and many clients are currently enrolled in the program. The Intensive Cleaning program is deeply rooted in the Whole Body Cleansing Program, with the exception that it is designed for healthy people*. For instance, this program is designed for:

  • People with busy traveling schedules,
  • Vacationers in San Francisco,
  • Healthy people doing rejuvenating fasts,
  • People who would like to cleanse and detoxify their bodies, and have no medical problems.

The Intensive Cleansing Program can be wonderfully combined with fasts or sauna detox but it can also be used on its own. Keep in mind that proper diet is essential for good results and your general wellbeing. Think about it. Would you decide to clean your house spotless, restore it to the good order and keep bringing the garbage and waste from the outside? In addition to everything else, we will provide you with a consultation to answer all of your questions and a healthy written diet. Remember, we are here to help you!

European Colon Hydrotherapy

Safe and simple method that irrigates the large intestine with purified water to clean out the years of toxins and accumulated waste lining the walls of the colon.

Restoration of friendly intestinal flora

Your intestinal tract is home to around 500 species of microorganisms, and not all of them are friendly. High level of stress, chemical exposure, poor diet, overuse of antibiotics, and birth control pills can kill the friendly intestinal flora, and cause overgrowth of yeast (Candida). Fatigue, allergies, immune system malfunction, depression, and digestive disturbances (constipation, diarrhea, bloating, gas and abdominal pain) are just some of the symptoms. Restoration and maintenance of intestinal flora in sufficient numbers are essential for good health. Simply speaking, beneficial bacteria keep the bowel clean of mucus and hold the unfriendly bacteria and yeast (yes, yeast!!) in check. This helps to minimize putrification and fermentation, the producers of excess gas and odors. Friendly bacteria enhance digestion and absorption, improves bowel regularity and supports natural immunity. In addition, beneficial bacteria help produce B vitamins, aids in digestion of proteins and formation of free amino acids.

How is the friendly intestinal flora restored? A series of colon hydrotherapy sessions will cleanse your colon from fecal build-up, toxins and waste materials to prepare your colon walls for attachment by the friendly bacteria. At the end of the series of colon hydrotherapy sessions, rectal implantation of Bifidobacteria (human origin) will restore Bifidobacteria in your colon. In the mean time, oral administration of “Trenev Trio”® that contains all three of the most potent human super strains of beneficial bacteria will help to restore the beneficial bacteria in the small and large intestines.

Almost one hundred years ago, the famous bacteriologist and Nobel Laureate, Ilya Mechnikov, stated: “Death begins in the colon.” In his groundbreaking book “Prolongation of Life”, Mechnikov documented in detail the unusually lengthy life spans of several societies that practiced eating fermented foods and special bacterial cultures. Today almost a century later, brilliant medical researchers from all over the world are refocused on the importance of restoration of friendly intestinal flora by mouth and into the colon.

Nutritional Supplementation and Herbs

We have a potent, lab tested and well resourced nutritional supplementation program including antioxidants, minerals and microelements, herbs, vitamins, amino acids, essential fatty acids, enzymes, and probiotics (friendly intestinal flora). We implement unique combinations of these products for different kinds of disorders and customize them to clients’ needs. What is the difference between our vitamins, herbs and supplements and the stuff available in supermarkets and health food stores? We offer to you the highest level of quality and safety combined with scientific research to maximize the effectiveness. We offer you the best. At our clinic you will never receive a “one pill cures all” generic bottles of supplements. Different people, as well as different conditions, require different approach. Not only we have the best vitamins, herbs and food supplements available on the market, but we can also help you choose what would be the most beneficial for your health, helping you achieve the best results. Our 2 week Intensive Cleansing Program includes a combination “Trenev Trio”®Karlovy Vary Thermal Spring Salt to prepare Karlovy Vary Healing Mineral Water and our unique herbal formula “Damp Water”, “Lower Bowels” and digestive enzymes. Why are some of the dietary supplements given for longer than 2 weeks? The answer is simple: to get the results.

“Trenev Trio”® contains all three of the most potent human super strains of beneficial bacteria: Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium bifidum, and Lactobacillus Bulgaricus.

Karlovy Vary Healing Mineral Water is not just something to drink when thirsty. This “magical” water contains cleansing and healing properties for health maintenance as well as for a variety of chronic disorders. European doctors and scientists have used the water for centuries. Now, North Americans can finally benefit from this healing product as well. Scientific research and many medical books and articles confirm the action of Karlovy Vary Healing Mineral Water, including:

  1. Restores the balance of over 40 essential elements (potassium, calcium, magnesium, etc.) and microelements (zinc, cobalt, iron, chromium).
  2. Removes metabolic waste and helps to free the body from toxins and parasites.
  3. Normalizes acid-alkaline balance.
  4. Promotes digestion and absorption of essential nutrients throughout the gastrointestinal tract.
  5. Improves the function of the intestines, kidneys, and liver, the most important organs responsible for toxin removal and body waste.

“Damp Water”and “Lower Bowels” are a one of a kind supplement personally formulated by Peter Melamed, L.Ac, Ph.D. Over his many years of experience as a holistic practitioner, Peter Melamed has acquired tremendous expertise in the application of herbs for various situations and diseases. This unique combination of European and Chinese herbs is formulated to do exactly what its name implies: cleanse and purify the body.

Biotherapy Alternative Medicine Clinic offers you the 2 Week Intensive Cleansing Program that includes:

Initial Consultation FREE
Colon Hydrotherapy (6 sessions) $660.00
Restoration of Intestinal Flora $120.00
Karlovy Vary Healing Mineral Water $74.00 + tax
“Trenev Trio” (probiotics) $56.00 + tax
“Damp Water” (herbal formula) $26.00 + tax
“Lower Bowels” $26.00 + tax
“Biotherapy Complete Enzymes” $42.00 + tax
Total** $1023.33
Discount (10%)
New Price $920.99

Sign up today and receive 10% discount from the original price.

*2 week Intensive Cleansing Program” is designed for clients who are in good health, but intend to detoxify their bodies. It is not designed for those suffering from digestive problems, Candida and some other health problems (see below). We, at Biotherapy Clinic, reserve the right to dissuade anyone from signing up for the program. To achieve the desired results and receive 15% discount, the program must be completed within 2 weeks. If the program is not completed within 2 weeks, additional charges will apply. Please schedule a FREE consultation for more information (required). You would not be a good candidate for “2 Week Intensive Cleansing Program” if you (other conditions will apply):

  • Have several symptoms of inner toxicity
  • Have taken antibiotics within 5 years
  • Taking birth control pills or medications
  • Have abused alcohol or drugs
  • Have acidic body pH
  • Have suffered from Candida, or certain chronic gastro-intestinal problems
  • Have been weak after a surgery

The above mentioned conditions require longer periods of attention. We have other options available for you.

**Tax included. Not including additional services (acupuncture, massage, facial toning&rejuvenation, etc) and additional nutrition supplements (if needed)

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