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Breast Feeding (Insufficient Lactation)

How Biotherapy Alternative Medicine Clinic can help with Breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding, or lactation, benefits the mother as well as the baby. Human breast milk is the ideal food for newborn human infants, adequately supplying all nutritional needs for at least the first 4- 6 months of life. Mother’s milk is much easier to digest, prevents constipation, lowers the incidence of food allergies, and protects the baby from many infectious diseases. The baby gets top-quality, natural nutrition.

Before you decide to give up nursing try a few simple things that might make the situation much easier for both you and your baby:breastfeeding - Breast Feeding (Insufficient Lactation)

  • Ask the baby’s father, a family member, or close friend to come and help you for a few days. During that time, pamper yourself!
  • Get as much sleep as possible. Let the dirty dishes stack up if you must. There will be   lots of time for cleaning later on. Take naps. This is not being lazy; it is love.
  • Drink at least eight glasses of water a day. This will help increase your milk supply.

Women with low breast milk supply who wish to persist with breastfeeding often look for some means to increase their milk supply.

There are very few alternative treatments to assist them.

For over a thousand years mothers in China have used acupuncture to increase their supply of breast milk.

Acupressure some points around the breast, on hands and feet can be very helpful for lactation problems.

The main function of breasts is to produce milk for the baby. Each breast has milk producing glands that make milk from the nutrients they take from bloodstream. What the nursing mother eats will also affect the quality and the quantity of milk. Healing Food Consultation will help you to understand what kind of food can promote breastfeeding.

Using Herbal Medicine may stimulate hormone production, and help get the milk flowing.

Our thoughts have power effect upon our bodies. Stress and anxiety may adversely affect and even stop the production of milk. Most people are aware that even they vividly imagine biting into and sucking a lemon, their salivary glands will begin to secrete. In the same way, our imagery affects all other glands in our bodies, including milk producing glands.

Natural medicine offers a wealth of safe and easy methods to increase the breast milk production.

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