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Healing with Karlovy Vary Mineral Water

According to legend, the Roman Emperor and King of Bohemia, Karl IV, found a hot spring in a narrow wooded valley. After experiencing the beneficial power of the mineral water, the King ordered the spring and nearby town be named after himself, Karlsbad or Karlovy Vary. (Vary means “the place of boiling” in Czech.)
Since then, Karlovy Vary has flourished as a sacred place of healing and has found recognition among enlightened health professionals and patients all over Europe.

What gives the mineral water from Karlovy Vary hot spring such power? In this special geological zone, rain water seeps through cracks in the granite to a depth of about two kilometers below the earth’s surface, where it is heated by residual volcano activity. On its way back to the surface, the water is saturated with carbonic acid, minerals, and about 40 other micro- and macro elements possessing high biochemical activity essential for a healthy body.karlovy vary - Healing with Karlovy Vary Mineral Water With the help of technology, the natural Karlovy Vary salt can now be produced by evaporating mineral waters from the hot spring. The salt is 100% natural and contains the same minerals and microelements as the spring itself. All that is needed to produce mineral water identical to the original is to dissolve the salt in warm water.

Karlovy Vary water is used In Europe to heal severe chronic problems of the gallbladder, urinary bladder, liver, pancreas, and prostate, including cholecystitis, colitis, pancreatitis, gallstones, chronic hepatitis, and early stages of liver cirrhosis, gastritis, stomach ulcers, etc.
It is also recommended for obesity, diabetes, gout, high cholesterol, skin diseases arid allergies. The water is recommended for healthy people for whole body cleansing and to help prevent illness. It is widely used in cosmetics, colon hydrotherapy, mouth and nasal rinsing, and bath preparations.

Drinking salt solutions is not recommended for people with severe heart or kidney failure with edema and uncontrolled hypertension.

Biotherapy Clinic is a distributor of the “Genuine Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) Thermal Spring Salt” mineral dietary supplement in North America, and we can set up a special healing program for you. This program includes non-drug approach such as Karlovy Vary Healing Mineral Water , nutrition supplementation healing food consultation, European Whole Body Cleansing Program, herbal medicine, acupuncture, and colon hydrotherapy with restoration of friendly intestinal flora.

For additional information on the healing powers of the mineral water, prepared from the salt please call to schedule a phone consultation with Peter Melamed, PhD. To schedule a consultation please call (415) 409.3939

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