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Chronic Pancreatitis Causes Severe Deficiency of Vital Nutrients

Five Common Causes of Nutritional Deficiency in Chronic Pancreatitis

  1. Low pancreatic function
  2. Poor eating habits
  3. Alcohol consumption
  4. Intestinal dysbiosis (SIBO, Candida-yeast overgrowth)
  5. Whole body acidity-metabolic acidosis

Before we explain that, you have to know some medical terminology that is widely used by describing of chronic pancreatitis in the stages of pancreatic deficiency and pancreatic failure. Malnutrition is the lack of proper nutrition, caused by not eating enough food, not eating enough of the right food, or being unable to digest and assimilate the food. Malabsorption is a low absorption of foodstuff in the small intestine. Steatorrhea is the occurrence of excess fat in feces.

Low pancreatic function leads to malnutrition that associates with the failure of the pancreas to secrete sufficient amounts of properly working digestive enzymes. In the late stage of chronic pancreatitis, the incomplete breakdown of dietary fats, proteins, and carbohydrates occurs, preventing efficient absorption of the nutrients from the intestine (malabsorption). Severe malnutrition causes weight loss, fatigue, wasting, and various neurological, mental, hormonal, microcirculation symptoms. When the only 10% of the pancreatic function is left, absent of the digestive enzymes leads to severe malabsorption with steatorrhea. There is undigested fat in feces. Stools typically float, have an oily appearance, and can be particularly foul smelling. Disorders of the pancreas affect nutritional status significantly. On the contrary, nutrition may play a role in the susceptibility of the pancreas to injury, which often results in chronic pancreatitis.

Poor eating habits are the common factor that triggers nutritional deficiencies. Artificial, “dead,” modern food is without natural digestive enzymes. Natural digestive enzymes are living proteins, which are easy destroyed by current food technology to increase the shelf life. It places an enormous overwork on the pancreas to produce pancreatic enzymes to complete digestion. Over time, pancreatic function depletes, and digestion and assimilation of nutrients diminishes. Modern agriculture and food technology decrease the amount of vitamins, minerals, and trace elements in the food products, and, on the other hand, bring in many artificial chemicals that may contribute to internal toxicity and nutritional deficiencies.

In addition, there is a “human factor.” The nutrition experts are chiefly preoccupied today with the study of overweight issues and malnutrition of current populations. It means that individuals with overweight issue suffer from malnutrition with deficiency of the vital nutrients.

Dieting, sport, and age-related nutritional deficiencies are also very common. Pain after eating may also stop the individuals with chronic pancreatitis from consumption of the right food. The poor eating habits usually accompany any disorders and diseases that associate with the acidic pancreas and bile, pancreatic deficiency and certainly, pancreatic failure stages.

Alcohol Consumption is a significant factor related to pancreatic injury in alcoholics. Alcohol abuse is common in patients with chronic pancreatitis. Therefore, they typically suffer from poor diet and malnutrition and a large number of deficiencies.

Intestinal dysbiosis (SIBO, Candida-yeast overgrowth).

The digestion occurs mainly in the small intestine. In the normal condition, there are very little bacteria and yeast at this place. Due to various reasons, many individuals with chronic pancreatitis suffer from intestinal dysbiosis. In this case, harmful bacteria, yeast and parasites reside in the small intestine, they eat persons’ food and nutrients and starve them.

Whole body acidity-metabolic acidosis kills pancreas by many ways. Besides, pancreatic digestive enzymes stop working in the acidic environment in the duodenum-first part of the small intestine. It totally ruins digestion leading to many nutritional deficiencies.

The most obvious chronic pancreatitis nutritional deficiencies occur in the pancreatic deficiency and pancreatic failure stages of exocrine pancreatic deficiency. The question is “Does malnutrition cause chronic pancreatitis or does chronic pancreatitis cause malnutrition?” It is similar to the age-old question: Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

It is a vicious circle, and all healing actions have to focus on “cutting” this circle.

Malnutrition <====> Chronic Pancreatitis

Clinical investigation and scientific studies confirm that an individual with pancreatic (digestive) disorders may have one or more deficiencies of the vital nutrients including:

  • Minerals such as Magnesium and Potassium and trace elements such as Zinc, Chromium, Iodine, Selenium, Iron, etc.
  • Fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, K
  • Essential fatty acids
  • Essential amino acids
  • Water-soluble vitamins such as C, B-1, B-2, B-6, B-12, folate, etc.

To compensate the nutritional problems we at Biotherapy Clinic, use natural nutritional supplements, which are manufactured under quality and toxicity control. For example, there are Biotherapy Cellular Magnesium-Potassium, Biotherapy Chromium, Biotherapy Selenium ETE, Immuno Zinc, Biotherapy Sunshine D Plus, Biotherapy B 12, and more.

Researchers from the United Kingdom, Braganza JM, and Dormandy TL, in their article Micronutrient Therapy for Chronic Pancreatitis: Rationale and Impact (2010) pointed out that the fundamental reasons in all cases of pancreatitis are oxidative stress with methyl and sulfa groups’ depletion in the pancreas.

The staff of the Biotherapy Alternative Medicine Clinic considers that nutritional supplementation with alkalizers, antioxidants, natural anti-inflammatory agents, donators of the methyl and sulfur radicals, precursors of the neurotransmitters and hormones, etc., is a very perspective natural system for healing chronic pancreatitis.

To obtain the benefits of the Biotherapy Clinic from healing chronic pancreatitis, and solve the various nutritional problems one can select the following options:

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