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Chronic Pancreatitis

How Biotherapy Alternative Medicine Clinic can help people with Chronic Pancreatitis .

The conventional medical treatments of acute pancreatitis in ICU is narcotics for pain relief, and intravenous fluids. After a patient is discharged from hospital, what’s next? In many cases after an acute attack, the condition goes into the chronic stage with periodical exacerbations and complications. Chronic pancreatitis is swelling and inflammation of the pancreas that leads to scarring and loss of function. Trapped inside the pancreas, digestive enzymes start to digest their own pancreatic cells causing congestion, inflammation, pain, cysts and finally death of pancreatic tissue. Pancreatitis occurs when the pancreas does not secrete an adequate amount of digestive enzymes for normal digestion of nutrients.

Chronic pancreatic disorders are difficult to treat with conventional medicine. However, using non drug, alternative approaches to improve the function of the pancreas is difficult to overestimate.

Biotherapy Alternative Medicine Clinic of San Francisco Bay Area offers a comprehensive healing program for sufferers from Chronic Pancreatitis.

The program includes:

1. Whole Body Cleansing Program
2. Herbal Medicine
3. Karlovy Vary Healing Mineral Water
4. Nutritional Supplementation
5. Healing Foods Consultations
6. Acupuncture

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At the Biotherapy Clinic we have a potent, lab tested and well resourced nutritional supplementation program including: antioxidants, minerals and microelements, herbal medicine, vitamins, amino acids, essential fatty acids, enzymes, probiotics (friendly intestinal flora) and more. We create a unique combination of these products for chronic Pancreatitis. Every combination is customized to patients’ needs. Some of our best, time proven dietary supplements to help people with Pancreatitis are:

Used for centuries by generations of European, Karlovy Vary Healing Mineral Water(KVHMW) made from the Genuine Karlovy Vary Thermal Spring Salt decreases the level of inner toxicity of the body, supplies more than 40 vital electrolytes (potassium, calcium, magnesium, etc.) and microelements (zinc, cobalt, iron, chromium, etc), normalizes acid/alkaline balance, helps eliminate intestinal parasites and their eggs, and improves the function of the pancreas, intestines, kidneys, and liver, the most important organs responsible for toxin removal and body waste. For hundreds of years, Karlovy Vary Healing Mineral Water has been trendy in Europe as a natural approach for the Chronic Pancreatitis. Czech scientists have found that the water can promote the secretion and increase the activity of pancreatic enzymes. Researchers have proven that enzymatic activity is increased in healthy volunteers, people with chronic pancreatitis, and in patients following the removal of the gallbladder. Patients with chronic pancreatitis or a damaged pancreas after surgery have experienced clinical improvement, confirmed by ultrasound, and blood and stool tests. Drinking KVHMW alleviates pain, gas, dyspepsia, malabsorption, and loss of fat with stool (Steatorrhea).

In Biotherapy Alternative Medicine Clinic we use different kinds of kits –blends of nutritional supplements for people with Chronic Pancreatitis:

Chronic Inflammation of the Pancreas Kit is a natural support for Chronic Pancreatitis.
Chronic Inflammation of the Pancreas with pain Kit is a natural support for   painful Chronic Pancreatitis.

Chronic Inflammation of the Pancreas with diabetes Kit is a natural support for Chronic Pancreatitis with deficit of pancreatic enzymes and beginning of insulin deficiency.

Chronic Inflammation of the Pancreas with pancreatic insufficiency Kit is a natural support for Chronic Pancreatitis with abdominal bloating, diarrhea with undigested food in the stool.

All our kits supplies with free “Chronic Pancreatitis Diet”. This diet guideline was formulated by European experts in healing food for different kind of complications of chronic pancreatitis.

Other alternative treatments such as acupuncture or relaxation techniques can help patients cope with painful symptoms associated with pancreatitis. Stress can stimulate pancreatitis attacks. Stress reduction by meditation, or other relaxation techniques can be helpful.

Acupuncture, herbs, supplements, and other remedies can help alleviate the worst symptoms of chronic Pancreatitis, such as fatigue, pain, diarrhea, cramps and heaviness in the stomach, indigestion and other physical discomforts. Healing Foods Consultations is also very important in healing pancreatic disorders. Using the “healing power of food”, we can give you a customized diet plan that was developed in European naturopathic clinics. There is no effective healing process for pancreatic disorders without a special diet and proper food combining.

Everyone with Chronic Pancreatitis has a unique history and symptoms of this condition. TO maximize the results, schedule an office or phone consultation with Peter Melamed, Lic.Ac.,RN,Ph.D. Peter Melamed has more than 30 years of experience in non drug therapy of pancreatic disorders. He will customize a holistic,  alternative medicine approach for your personal needs.

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