Digestive Disorders

Medical science acknowledges that up to 85 percent or more of all adult Americans suffer from intestinal problem due to the stress of modern living, pollution, poor diet, dehydration, and lack of exercise. When the digestive (gastrointestinal) tract is not working properly, the whole body is distressed, every living cell and organ are affected..

When the food is not fully digested, it begins putrefying in the colon and creates an over acidic condition. The friendly intestinal flora begins to die off, creating an anaerobic environment for disease producing bacteria, virus, fungi and parasites. The accumulation of toxins or poisons from this environment can build up in the lymph and bloodstream. This condition is called autointoxication or self-poisoning.

When the toxins are re-absorbed through the blood capillaries lining the intestines, the blood will putrefy and further acidification of the blood will take place. Subsequently, the dirty blood will pollute every human cell. The cycle of life reverts to a cycle of death. Death begins and life ends in the intestines.
What better investment can a person make than an investment in his own health??

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