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Walking Pneumonia

How Biotherapy Alternative Medicine Clinic can help people with recovery after Walking Pneumonia

Your doctor diagnosed you with “walking pneumonia”, and you underwent conventional treatment with antibiotics. Possibly you took anti-cough, anti-congestion, anti-mucous, anti-histamine medications, inhalers, and NSAID such as Tylenol, Ibuprofen for fever or headache. You felt better and even started to work and returned to your everyday activity. Nevertheless, you felt very weak, you experienced a persistent cough with sputum, possible night sweat, gas, bloating, constipation, skin itching and etc. You did not feel well even in months after walking pneumonia.

Let’s look what could be the reasons for your symptoms.

We live in the pharmaceutical world, so the typical medical action on walking pneumonia is trying to destroy the microorganisms, which cause the walking pneumonia by prescribing strong antibiotics. For today, we know that in many cases walking pneumonia is triggered by viruses and opportunistic infection that usually reside in the upper respiratory tract. It is known that antibiotics cannot kill the viruses. Due to overuse of antibiotics there is a large number of antibiotics resistant microbes, which can lead to a chronic form of the walking pneumonia.

High spectrum antibiotics, like an atomic bomb, detrimentally kill many microorganisms. Unfortunately antibiotics eradicate friendly intestinal flora-our vital organ for proper digestion, immunity and metabolism. Friendly intestinal flora control the growth of Candida-yeast, parasites in our body.

Unpleasant symptoms of walking pneumonia such as temperature, cough, mucous discharge, low appetite, thirst are the symptoms of natural, protective reactions of the body on the infection and congestion. By suppressing this reaction, we suppress the natural healing mechanism. It can prolong the recovery and can lead to the chronic form of the walking pneumonia.

To help a person with residual symptoms of the walking pneumonia, we, at Biotherapy Alternative Medicine Clinic, use many non-drug approaches, which have a long history of the healing lung and bronchi disorders. Some of them are used in ICU all over the world. Some of them are easy and can be used at home. The goal of this holistic treatment is to:

  • Decrease inflammation and congestion
  • Destroy the antibiotics resistant microorganisms
  • Improve microcirculation in the lung
  • Enhance the gas exchange (oxygen and carbon dioxide) in the lungs
  • Move congested mucous out
  • Bust Immunity
  • Restore the friendly intestinal bacteria that were killed by antibiotics
  • Suppress the Candida-yeast overgrowth
  • Normalize acid-alkaline balance
  • Alleviate stress and more

Something looks strange here even for medical practitioners. Is it possible to do that without any medications? In the Biotherapy Clinic, we use decades of the medical experience of Peter Melamed, Ph.D., who worked 15 years as MD in ICU and saved many patients with severe pneumonia. Besides medications, he widely used vitamins, healing diet, herbal inhalations, acupuncture, lung massage, cupping, magnets, hot chest compresses, special lung exercises, tapping, etc., which lead to a very good therapeutic outcome.

In the Biotherapy Alternative Medicine Clinic we use our unique herbal formulas, nutritional supplements with proven toxic and quality control, healing mineral water that is prepared from genuine Karlovy Vary thermal spring salt, minerals, essential trace elements, probiotics, enzymes, bee products and more.

Ancient Chinese doctors put lung, nose and large intestine in the one system. These great observers thousands of year’s ego understood the connection between lung and colon health. It is proven now, because overusing of the antibiotics leads to epidemic of the digestive disorders by wiping out friendly intestinal flora and, as a result, Candida-yeast overgrowth. More medical information you can find in our EBook “Healthy Pancreas, Healthy You”, part 1.

If antibiotics are necessary, it is essential to make the next step to restore the friendly intestinal flora. Restoration of the friendly intestinal flora is not a simple task, as many people believe. You can take tons of probiotics and drink gallons of “yogurt”, but beneficial bacteria cannot colonize in the colon that is full of Candida-yeast, parasites, toxins and also if person is on the bad food and suffers from constipation and bad digestion. Anti-Candida European Whole Body Cleansing Program at Biotherapy Clinic is an excellent choice for people after courses of antibiotics.

The chronic dry cough in many situations is nothing more than a process of the growth of the Candida-yeast in sinuses and lungs.

Despite vaccination and common use of antibiotics, the medical statistic shows that the number of pneumonias rises in the U.S. Incompletely cured walking pneumonia can go to chronic pneumonia or bronchitis with a substantial possibility of future asthma, COPD even cancer.

To obtain benefits from the Biotherapy Alternative Medicine Clinic of San Francisco Bay Area for Incompletely cured walking pneumonia, one can choose from the following options:

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