I am so happy that I came to the Biotherapy Clinic for help with my gastrointestinal problems.
My gastrointestinal problems were severe. I hadn’t had a normal bowel movement in months.
I was so heavily impacted and overloaded wirh candida overgrowth that it had begun to affect
my existence and I was becoming more and more afraid about my prognosis. During a colonscopy
traditional doctors decided that since I was so heavily impacted that I must be eating paper, plastic
and dust, so they didn’t offer me no further assistance.
Years ago, co-workers told me about the Biotherapy Clinic and I decided to give them a call.
I believe they saved my life through colonics and supplements which pushed me to do my part by
changing my diet (for life) with a regular exercise routine. Since the colonic and destraction of the
candida I feel wonderful. I have lots of energy, my eczema has gone completely away. I have no
asthmatic symptoms. My brain is no longer fogged, as for a student this is tremendous. My skin
gloves, for which everyone tells me. I don’t have any desire for junk food. My tummy is almost flat
and I have a greater lung capacity like I did when I was a child.
Thanks and gratitude to the Biotherapy Clinic!