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Shoulder pain and Rotator cuff disorders

How Biotherapy Alternative Medicine Clinic can help with Shoulder pain, Rotator cuff disorders

If you are here, that can mean only one thing and it is that, you are looking for help with the pain in your shoulder either for yourself or for your loved one. Possibly you underwent the usual treatment such as medicines, painkillers, physical therapy, massages, hormonal injections, etc. Chances are that you were told about surgery, and you are in a big doubt.

Shoulder pain is common after physical activity at work, in the gym, or at home and in people over 50. The shoulder joint is very complex structure in the human body, and it has the largest range of mobility. The bones, muscles, and ligaments of this joint, all work together to keep the shoulder stable and moving easily. The muscles, burses and the tendons surrounding the shoulder joint are called the rotator cuff.

Biotherapy Clinic can help with shoulder pain rotator  cuff injury

Like an old sock is rubbed into holes with time, repetitive motions and trauma of the rotator cuff tears, causing inflammation and pain.

Practitioners in Biotherapy Alternative Medicine Clinic have a lot of experience to heal this common condition, naturally, without drugs. If rest, medications, cortisone injections and physical therapy do not help to relieve the pain, our customized program for shoulder pain can be very beneficial.

Two millions Americans receive treatment due to shoulder pain and every one has specific reasons for this pain. The many names of the shoulder pain are: Swimmer’s shoulder; Pitcher’s shoulder; Tennis shoulder; Shoulder impingement syndrome; Tendinitis – rotator cuff; Shoulder joint bursitis, arthritis, Rotator cuff tendinitis; Shoulder overuse syndrome. Neck problems, fibromyalgia, computer syndrome also can cause shoulder pain. Certain conditions involving structures in your chest or abdomen, such as gallbladder disease, heart disease also may cause shoulder pain. Conditions, which decrease repair process such as low thyroid, diabetes, menopause, chemotherapy, prednisone, etc may prone the person to the shoulder pain. Therefore, the treatment needs to be addressed at roots of problems and be customized.

The main idea for healing rotator cuff disorders is improving of the repairing mechanism, decreasing inflammation, and pain.

To reduce the inflammation, pain, muscle spasms, we use various types of the acupuncture (Chinese-body, Russian-ear lobe, Japanese –scalp and Korean-SuJok-foot/hand). There is clinical evidence that acupuncture is very effective for shoulder pain.

In Biotherapy Alternative Medicine Clinic, to increase action of the acupuncture, we use special treatment that combines electro acupuncture and low-frequency muscle stimulation. Our patients adjust the electric stimulus by themselves, so they feel comfortable during the session and relax. Magnet therapy is also used. These non-drug treatments can improve tissue microcirculation. More blood, more oxygen, more nutrients go to the shoulder joint tissue, help with repairing mechanism, reduce pain, improve movement and restore function of the shoulder joint. Acupuncture alleviates stress and chronic pain, and it also helps with insomnia.

Lack of the essential nutrients can cause repairing deficit, inflammation, nerve damage (neuropathy) and extreme sensitivity to pain. Our nutritional supplementation program includes unique herbal formulas, high quality vitamins, minerals, essential trace elements, amino and fatty acids, natural anti-inflammation and pain reducing remedies. We have never seen serious side effects from this nutritional supplementation program.

We practice individual exercises and massage with unique herbal balsam, as another way for elimination of the chronic pain. Pain alleviation technique and manual therapy can improve neck vertebrae alignment, lessen muscle spasms, decrease compression of the nervous branches in muscle tunnels’, and enhance microcirculation.

Pain causes pain. To cut this vicious circle, acupuncture session in the Biotherapy Alternative Medicine Clinic usually combines with relaxation or medical hypnosis. For decades of our practical experience, we have seen that stopping the addiction to painkillers can end chronic pain. The relationship between abnormal pain sensitivity and opioid withdrawal is widely known. This condition is called opioid-induced hyperalgesia. It may seem as a paradox, but in some situations, especially when narcotics were used for a long time, the cessation of the drugs may decrease pain in the shoulder. By our experience, with the help of the knowledgeable professional, friend or family member, and compliance of the patient, safe withdrawal from opioid drugs can be achieved without significant complications in 3-5 days, even in an outpatient setting.

There is no magic bullet to cure shoulder pain. Therefore, Biotherapy Alternative Medicine Clinic can offer sufferers of the shoulder pain a customized healing program that can bring people back to normal life.

We don’t focus just on the symptoms; we treat the root of the problem for long lasting results. If conventional medicine did not help, we can.

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