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Piriformis Syndrome (Buttock pain)

How Biotherapy Alternative Medicine Clinic Can Help People with Pain in the Buttock- Piriformis Syndrome

I went to the Biotherapy Alternative Medicine Clinic with severe pain in my right buttock. The pain started after an intensive yoga class.I could not move, work, or sleep. Vicodin diminished the pain only for a short period of time. I got massages and special-moving, electro-magnetic acupuncture, constant tiny tacks put on my ear lobes, cupping and more. With only the initial visit and treatment to Biotherapy Clinic, my pain subsided. I took some supplements and did some yoga exercises at home. In that first week, I was free of pain! I had heard from some people that they had been suffering for months, with multiple trips to medical offices. I felt so blessed to have found a place that was able to treat me, and so quickly! I.S.

Many patients know what excruciating pain may feel like in the middle of the buttock that irradiates to the back part of the thigh. Despite undergoing treatment, the pain can be confusing for months. First, the pain amplifies after a long walk or at the end of the day and can appear in a few minutes after sunrise. Sometimes, the pain is so unbearable that even a short walk is not possible.Pain in the buttock picture - Piriformis Syndrome (Buttock pain)

According to many people, pain in the upper outer part of the buttock can be comparable to when a hammer hits the nail on the buttock. This pain may appear suddenly or come about quietly, gradually increasing from day to day.

Also, the pain can increase when sitting on a chair with legs crossed, or if a person is lying on the side. This pain in the buttock occurs due to the spasm of the piriformis muscle. This pear-shaped edge muscle is connected to the sacrum and the greater trochanter of the femur. Under it is the sciatic nerve and the thigh’s blood vessels. When strained, the piriformis muscle spasms that can squeeze the sciatic nerve and the thigh’s blood vessels.

Doctors call this condition the Piriformis Syndrome. The most typical causes of Piriformis Syndrome are prolonged walking and standing, long-distance running, athletic exercises, fast running and jumping without a warm-up, trauma and inner bruising of the buttocks, sitting on cold surfaces, windy drafts, or being in a cold room, and more.Pain in the ess Felix - Piriformis Syndrome (Buttock pain)

At the Biotherapy Alternative Medicine Clinic, we developed a unique multidisciplinary holistic healing program for persons with pain in the buttock who have Piriformis Syndrome.

Biotherapy Clinic’s program may include:

  • Special vibration massage and manipulations
  • Various methods of Acupuncture: Chinese-body, Russian-ear lobe, Japanese-scalp and Korean SuJok-foot/hand acupuncture
  • Vacuum therapy (suction cups)
  • Magnetic therapy
  • Nutritional supplementation
  • Herbal formulas
  • Therapeutic exercises
  • Relaxation, medical hypnosis, etc.

This healing program helps those suffering from acute and chronic pain by reducing and finally stopping the pain without medications, steroid injections, etc.

Another added benefit to this program is it restores the range of motion so that a person can return to regular daily-living activities.

Biotherapy Clinic can remove a person from strong opioids, drugs and help them be free from the dependency of painkillers.

To obtain the benefits from Biotherapy Alternative Medicine Clinic’s healing treatment for Piriformis Syndrome, one can visit our two convenient locations in either San Francisco or Redwood City.

Call now for a free office consultation (415) 409-3939.

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