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Colon Hydrotherapy for Skin Health and Beauty

Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners know that ancient Chinese doctors combined the skin and colon into one system. They realized that skin health largely depends on colon health. People with poor digestion, constipation, gas, bloating, heartburn, and diarrhea rarely have healthy, clear, and vibrant skin. They use “wonderful” highly advertised skin care products that provide temporary results. By using antibiotics, oral or topical steroids, you can “win the battle, but lose the war.”

Some people fear looking in the mirror due to acne, rashes, allergies, skin inflammation, or rosacea. The skin is the largest organ of our body and performs many complex functions. Its main function is that it acts as a barrier to prevent harmful bacteria, fungi, parasites, and toxic chemicals from entering our bodies. Another important fact is that our skin is an elimination organ. Our body releases water, minerals, heavy metals, and toxins through the skin to reduce internal toxicity. A simple example is the cleansing effect of a sauna.

In some places with hot and dry climates, there are health resorts for people with reduced kidney function.

Only a few people are aware of the connection between constipation and skin. When fecal elimination is difficult, the body tries to get rid of toxins through other organs, such as the skin, causing blemishes, rashes, and bad body odor. Other skin problems, such as dark circles, puffy eyes, and pimples, can also be caused by constipation.

The skin is a very important organ in terms of removing waste material from the body. If other waste eliminating organs, such as the liver, kidneys or colon, are failing at being efficient in removing the waste, the skin will work harder to compensate. The toxins that are released through the skin in such cases can cause spots to form. Therefore, by getting colonic irrigation to improve its efficiency at removing waste and toxins, you are relieving the pressure on the skin to remove the excess waste. This often leads to the clearing up of the skin as the toxins are removed elsewhere.

What was the secret of the health and beauty of Princess Diana and many celebrities, thanks to which they looked great and glowed with health? Princess Diana underwent colon hydrotherapy weekly.

Now read this excerpt from the June 1993 London Globe about Princess Diana.

“She had her colon flushed with 12 gallons of water. Now, she has no fatigue, anorexia, headaches, allergies, depression, or candidiasis. Princess Di’s quirky health secret, slender figure, and radiant beauty give her body a royal flush!”

Improved skin is one of the top reasons people seek colon hydrotherapy. Your skin is your largest organ and considered by colonics experts a mirror of what’s happening within your body. This means that doing away with bodily toxins may lead to a more vibrant and healthy complexion. After the treatment, some people notice an immediate facial glow. You might also experience fewer symptoms of common conditions such as acne and eczema.

Colon hydrotherapy, healthy eating, restoring beneficial intestinal bacteria, drinking Karlovy Vary healing mineral water, acupuncture, and some nutritional supplements can eliminate impurities, skin inflammation, allergies, itching, etc. This is an important way to heal skin disorders from the inside out.

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