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Biotherapy Treatment for IBS and Diarrhea after Antibiotics without Drugs

By Peter Melamed PhD

In my practice, I have rarely seen  patients with IBS and diarrhea without history of taking antibiotics.

It is obvious to all of us that overusing of antibiotics and the rise of digestive disorders has gone head-to- head for last 60 years. According to medical literature up to 35% of patients after taking antibiotics get antibiotic-associated chronic diarrhea. These numbers are varied, and they depend upon many things including the type of antibiotic, broad-spectrum antibiotics cause more problems,  and duration of the treatment, being in hospital, preexisting condition, age, the entire health of the person before taking antibiotics.

Many doctors and researchers believe that the main reason for development of IBS and diarrhea is loss of friendly intestinal flora. It is called friendly because “enemy of my enemy is my friend”. The human GI tract is the harbor for trillions of microorganisms. Friendly bacteria are the best guard of humans to protect them from overgrowth of the opportunistic infection, such as harmful bacteria, yeasts, parasites, etc. Friendly intestinal flora compete with an opportunistic infection for food, and place to live.

What does happen with our bodies after antibiotics usage? Broad-spectrum antibiotics indiscriminately destroy the sensitive bacteria. The gentle friendly intestinal flora dies first. Yeast and antibiotic resistant bacteria survive, and without natural competition thrive, and take over the gastrointestinal tract.

At first, opportunistic infection resides in the colon causing irritable bowel syndrome-IBS. Later, the small intestine gets involved in the process where normally there is a low amount of the microorganisms. Small intestine bacterial overgrowth-SIBO occurs. When natural defense mechanisms are totally destroyed, harmful bacteria, yeast and parasites penetrate into the blood stream causing infection of the entire system of the person.

Now, it is clear that antibiotics wipe out the friendly flora; very powerful internal organ. The friendly bacteria help to digest food and boost our immune system. They also produce vitamins and some vital nutrients, they have anticancer properties, friendly bacteria regulate cholesterol, remove toxins, control mood and weight, etc. Without the good bacteria, human being loses these vital functions.

On the other hand, overgrowth of the opportunistic infection causes irritation, inflammation of the small, and large intestines. In turn, it leads to leaky gut syndrome, where toxins and microorganisms pass through the gut walls into the blood causing inflammation and reduced function of the immune, hormonal, nervous, cardiovascular, and other body’s systems. The most damage by opportunistic infection such as bacteria, yeast and parasites, is to the digestive system. Not properly digested food collects in the intestines; it is fermented with manufacturing various toxic gases and substances.

When human being wants to get rid of this toxic, hazardous matter naturally, there are only two ways: up to the mouth and down to the anus. By its way up, it causes gas, bloating, pain, and cramps, nausea, fullness, reflux-heartburn, etc. By its way down, there is abdominal pain, flatulence, constipation, or diarrhea.

This disorder can be very complicated and it is called irritable bowel syndrome-IBS.

There is medical contradiction now, when antibiotics are used for antibiotics related diarrhea. Of course, it can reduce the overgrowth of opportunistic harmful microorganisms for the period of time. However, without restoration of the natural defense mechanisms results are not always comforting. For instance, Clostridium difficile infection and severe candidiasis are already a major clinical threat for public health according the 2013 report from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

What are these natural defense mechanisms, which protect the human GI tract from overgrowth of the opportunistic infection? If we understand these natural defense mechanisms, it can give the clue for possible treatment.

  1. Stomach acid kills harmful bacteria and yeasts, prevents them from going into the small intestine. Opposite, low acidity in the stomach diminishes this mechanism. Please read more here. Next in line for the defense is the pancreas. Besides foods, the pancreatic digestive enzymes digest also harmful bacteria, yeast, and parasites. A lot of medical information about that issue can be found in my EBook “Healthy Pancreas, Healthy You”.  Acidic changes diminish antibacterial action of the pancreatic juice. Whole body acidity and consequent acidity of bile and pancreatic juice disable these antibacterial actions; thus, SIBO-small intestine bacterial overgrowth occurs. Abdominal pains and cramps, gas, bloating, diarrhea are common symptoms of SIBO and IBS
  2. Third critical thing that prevents harmful bacteria from residing on the gut’s wall is washing out action in the small intestine. 35-50 cups daily of the mix of the saliva, stomach secretion, bile, pancreatic and intestinal juices, create a huge full-flowing river that wipe out all of the harmful bacteria and stop colonization in the small intestines’ walls
  3. There are various muscle valves (sphincters) from the beginning to end of the GI tract. They stop opposite movement-reflux. For example, ileocecal valve prevents polluted stuff from the large intestine with many bacteria and yeasts from getting back into the small intestine
  4. The gastrointestinal tract is also a significant part of the immune system. The immune cells must work hard to prevent harmful bacteria from intestines to travel into lymph and blood system
  5. The most crucial way to keep harmful bacteria and yeasts in check is friendly intestinal flora

The irritable bowel syndrome after antibiotics due to indigestion, internal toxicity, and deficiencies has many unrelated symptoms. Clinical picture of the IBS involves digestive, hormonal, nervous, immune, and many other systems of the body. No wonder, the sufferer from IBS quite often hears that it is everything in your head and get psych drugs. After that, patients have the other side effects and additional treatments are needed.

Can a non-drug treatment for IBS and diarrhea after antibiotics be effective? Our answer is “Yes”.

It only needs for you to believe in positive result. In the Biotherapy Clinic, we work not against the body, but rather to enhance normal body’s function. For this purpose, we use various healing methods. Many of them have been used for hundreds or thousands of years, some of them are standard practice of the doctors in the other countries, several of them are unique healing techniques, which are developed in the Biotherapy. Some of these healing techniques include:

  • Whole body cleansing with restoration of friendly intestinal flora
  • Colon hydrotherapy
  • Healing customized diet
  • Drinking healing mineral water prepared from genuine Karlovy Vary thermal spring salt
  • Herbal remedies
  • Acupuncture
  • Nutritional supplementation
  • Medical hypnosis or custom hypnosis CD
  • Heavy metals cleanse, etc

Some healing methods may look strange for people, including even some medical professionals. For instance, it is drinking of the healing mineral water for digestive problems. On the other hand, European doctors have used healing mineral water for centuries. There are many healing mineral spas all over Europe, where sick people get treatment or healthy people spend their vacations. Karlovy Vary is one of the famous European healing mineral spas. Five hundred of years, Europeans went there to drink “the healing gift from the earth”. Two hundred and fifty years ago Czech doctors recommended vaporizing the geyser water to produce the genuine Karlovy Vary thermal spring salt. Dissolving this salt in plain water, makes it possible to drink the healing mineral water at home. Karlovy Vary healing mineral water has valid medical research and evidence based on clinical practice in Europe.

Why do the minerals, bicarbonate and trace elements from this healing mineral water can be beneficial for IBS and diarrhea?

 Karlovy Vary healing mineral water naturally restores normal slightly alkaline acid-base balance of the human body, improves digestion, regulates peristaltic movement, and promotes beneficial intestinal bacteria, helps to get rid of harmful microorganisms, parasites, and toxic substances such as heavy metals.  

Alkalizing action of Karlovy Vary healing mineral water is substantial. You do not need to get sophisticated, expensive tests to realize that. Measurement of the saliva and urine pH at home may show increasing the pH, more than 6.8 (alkalizing action). Minerals and bicarbonate from this water promote releasing of the alkaline bile and pancreatic juice.

Nowadays, there is pandemic of the metabolic acidosis; whole body acidity. Many worlds’ nutrition researches think that metabolic acidosis is the culprit of many “diseases of civilization” such as digestive, hormonal, and metabolic disorders. Kidney and gallbladder stones, deposition of the calcium, osteoporosis, chronic inflammation, obesity, diabetes, and even cancer are among them.   

If broad-spectrum antibiotics wipe out the beneficial bacteria, the main goal for healing is to restore the proper balance between opportunistic infection such as Candida-yeast, Clostridium, parasites, etc and beneficial friendly intestinal flora. Now, the conventional medicine focuses on killing bad guys with antibiotics and other antimicrobial or antifungal agents. Unfortunately, it can have temporal effect. We cannot eradicate opportunistic infection for good, because with water, air, food, dirty hands and contaminated environment it constantly enters our body. Just by killing, we can win the battle, but we will lose the war. We can see it now. Only restoration of the natural body’s defense mechanisms can control the growth of the opportunistic infection in human GI tract. 

By analogy with a large city, it is impossible to eradicate criminals for good. But by law enforcement, we can control the situation and prevent the criminals to thrive. 

Restoration of friendly intestinal flora is time consuming process including diet changes, colon hydrotherapy, herbal and nutritional supplementation, drinking Karlovy Vary healing mineral water, and, of course, proper use of the high quality, living probiotics

If we focus only on the chronic diarrhea and stool patterns it would be only a small part of the healing actions. By my clinical experience, I have seen the persons that suffer from IBS and irregular bowel movements for decades. They tried everything: medications, a lot of supplements, herbs, anti Candida diet, yogurt, probiotics, OTC antidiarrheal drugs, you name them and they have tried them all. Nothing works, but holistic approach does.

I strongly believe that for enhancing the natural defense mechanisms, to protect the human body from overgrowth of the opportunistic infection, all actions need to be done simultaneously, for some period of time and by supervision of the experienced licensed medical practitioner or team of specialists.

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