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Alternative medicine treatment for enlarged prostate in San Francisco

By Peter Melamed, LAc, RN, Ph.D.

Let us start for an example. Six months ago, 62 years man visited me after he was discharged from the hospital after acute urinary retention due to prostate enlargement. This gentleman could not urinate at all, even though they had a full bladder. He suffered from pain and great discomfort. He was catheterized a few days, took antibiotics and other medication in the hospital. Urologist warned him that acute urinary retention is a potentially life-threatening medical condition, and he is a candidate for prostate surgery.

His question to me was “May I postpone the surgery?” I knew that everybody was unique. I said I helped many men with enlargement of the prostate gland; therefore, I felt positive to try the non-knife approach.

For decades of the working as an MD in my country and holistic practitioner in the U.S., I developed my own, unique, Biotherapy healing program for BPH that includes the blend of the medical procedures and alternative treatments such as

  • Acupuncture
  • Therapeutic prostate and abdominal massage
  • Diet for the prostate health
  • Herbal Medicine
  • Nutritional supplementation
  • Magnet therapy
  • Restoration of the beneficial intestinal bacteria that are irradiated by antibiotics
  • Anti-Candida treatment
  • Exercises for the prostate
  • Relaxation, medical hypnosis, and more

These all have to be done simultaneously. I typically customize treatment for urination, pain, sex and anxious behavior problems for every man that come into my office.

BPH or Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia is a common, non-cancer enlargement of the prostate gland. The key symptoms relate to blockage and irritation of the neck of the bladder such as frequency of urination, urgency and increased running to the bathroom at night, low flow and speed of urine, dribbling, incompletely empting of the urinal bladder.

There are various reasons for enlargement.

BPH is basically the result of hormonal changes related to aging and the actions of male hormones (androgens) inside the prostate gland. By medical papers and my personal experience, the most men suffer from both BPH and chronic prostatitis altogether. The histological (microscopically found) lesions of chronic prostatitis have been found in 98% of patients with

Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy. It depends upon epidemic of STDs, unhealthy foods, overusing of antibiotics, stress, toxic, estrogen-forming foods and environment, sedentary life-style, etc.

Not too many people know that in the many cases of BPH there is also the non-bacterial chronic prostatitis. It means the yeast-prostatitis that requires special treatments.

“Shrinking” of the enlarged prostate is crucial to diminish the symptoms of the BPH. The enlargement of the prostate gland depends upon both collection of the congested fluid inside gland and overgrowth of prostate tissue. There is no the magic bullet for it; therefore the healing actions have to be done to:

  1. Open passages-ducts inside the pancreas to release the congested fluid
  2. Improve the microcirculation
  3. Boost immunity
  4. Decrease inflammation and infection of the prostate gland
  5. Training the weak, smooth muscle of the urinal bladder
  6. Regulate the hormonal balance
  7. Normalize the acid-alkaline balance
  8. Decrease the stress, mood swings, improve the night sleep, sex, and libido

These all cannot be done by medications, and some of these medications are risky business. Read here

Finally, you may ask how about the gentleman who came to my office after discharging from the hospital due to acute urinary retention. Like my other patient, he is doing alright after Biotherapy healing program. His urgency and discomfort are gone. One night urinations does not prevent him from sleeping. He works, has much more energy and again enjoys the relationship with his wife. He periodically comes for maintenance treatment.

If you have the Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, you can try safe and efficient, time-proven methods in the Biotherapy Clinic of San Francisco and Bay area.

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