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Alternative medicine treatment for chronic prostate inflammation in San Francisco

By Peter Melamed, LAc, RN, Ph.D.

If you are man that suffers from pain in the perineum (between scrotum and anus), problems with difficult, frequent, or burning urination; decreased libido, painful ejaculation, you have to know more about alternative medicine strategies for the chronic prostatitis. Over time, many doctors and medical professionals all over the world successfully have used non-drug and non-knife, natural treatments of prostate inflammation for hundreds of years.

Due to complicated structure, position, surrounding nerves and muscles, connection to the urinary, reproductive and endocrine systems, treatment of the chronic prostate inflammation becomes a very difficult task. Working as an MD in Europe and as a holistic practitioner in the U.S, I developed unique Biotherapy healing program combining medical procedures such as therapeutic prostate massage and physical therapy with acupuncture, herbs, diet, enema, relaxation, exercises and nutritional supplements.

First symptoms may be pain. A second symptom may be problems with urination and third could be reproduction. Besides, I described the fourth symptom of the chronic prostatitis-anxious behavior. In my long time experience, I have never seen men with chronic prostate inflammation without anxiety, depression, insomnia, problems with relationships, addictions, etc.

The medical research found that as many as ¾ of all adult males are affected during their life time by prostate problems with an increased risk of prostate cancer.

If the symptoms of prostatitis continue for more than three months, it is considered as a chronic condition. In many cases, after the first attack it can be silent until the prostate has congested sufficiently to cause symptoms, such as discomfort and pain in the lower back or abdomen area, testicles, or perineum. Often the pain goes together with the frequent, difficult and burning urination.

By my opinion, rampant chronic pancreatitis is closely related to the epidemic of the urinal tract infections and STDs such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomonas, or other infections from the commonly present flora of the rectum or vagina. A man can forget that in his young age that he had the same symptoms and took penicillin for that, but his prostate is not.

Prostatitis may be inactive for many years and then flare up for numerous reasons, including the decreasing immunity due to viral infection, Candida-yeast overgrowth after antibiotics or hormone treatments, deficiencies of the vital nutrients such as zinc, EFA, vitamins. predisposing factors of the exacerbation may be cold, flu, long sitting, vigorous exercises, long driving and riding the bike, akcohol, etc.

The common treatment for chronic prostatitis with antibiotics is often hard, because of the poor circulation of most antibiotics into the prostate fluid. Congested fluid remains in a myriad of tiny microscopic sacs and ducts. Moreover, after repetitive courses of antibiotics, infections in the prostate fluid may be changed to fungal or yeast. Antibiotics eradicate beneficial intestinal bacteria, as well, causing a lot of symptoms, which are very far from the prostate area.

Nowadays, researchers and doctors discover that beneficial intestinal bacteria are closely involved with proper digestion, immunity, metabolism, hormones, and mood.

When antibiotics are useless, and Candida-yeast overgrows in the prostate and entire body, doctor call these conditions as the chronic pelvic pain syndromes, non-bacterial chronic prostatitis. The therapeutic approach of the conventional medicine is very narrow at this time.

There is no the magic bullet for chronic prostatitis because it is very complicated problem; therefore these healing actions have to be done to:

  1. Release the congested, infected prostate fluid by opening the passages-prostatic ducts to
  2. improve the microcirculation in the prostate gland
  3. Increase immunity
  4. Decrease infection, inflammation and scarring of the prostate gland
  5. Reduce muscle spasms and pelvic pain
  6. Normalize the acid-alkaline balance
  7. Restore the beneficial intestinal bacteria, which are killed by antibiotics
  8. Suppress the Candida-yeast overgrowth
  9. Supply the body with vital nutrients
  10. Decrease the anxious behavior, stress, mood swings, improve the night sleep, sex, fertility, and libido

For instance, let me take the typical case. Man in his early 30s, for privacy I will call him with the fake name Mark, visited me with severe symptoms of chronic prostatitis. He underwent many rounds of antibiotics, tried various medications and painkillers, and did a few prostate massages.

Nothing worked. He was desperate and depressed. He eat badly and used alcohol. I told him I did not have a failure in treating of chronic prostatitis, but it is the teamwork, and he is the main player in this team.

I offered and explain the Biotherapy healing program for chronic prostatitis, that include acupuncture, antibacterial and antifungal herbal remedies, nutritional supplements, magnet therapy, therapeutic prostate massage, hypnosis, restoration of the friendly intestinal flora with probiotics and colon hydrotherapy, exercises, etc. He agreed to improve the lifestyle, eating habits and stop drinking alcohol during the treatment.

After 8 weeks of the alternative medicine treatment, Mark was symptoms free and looked as happy, fulfil man, He continued maintain a program to keep his prostate from the congestion. I told him many years “You have to be treated when you feel good.” He married his girlfriend and in one year the beautiful baby boy was born. It made me very happy for him because infertility is a very common problem for chronic prostatitis.

Europeans call the prostate gland as “Second heart of men”. If it is getting sick, a combination of the medical evaluation, procedures, and treatments with the time-proven alternative medicine methods can be a key to success in the case of prostate inflammation.

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