I’ve been attending Biotherapy Clinic for the last 6 months, and my symptoms have literally disappeared. At the beginning I most confess I was a little skeptic, I’ve had tried so many things with no result, that I didn’t thought such a change was possible. I had the most painful menstrual cramps, and with acupuncture and vitamin supplements they have completely disappear!  I used to take so many painkillers, which would relief, my pain, but affect my guts. Not only I don’t have more painful cramps, also my intestinal flora, which was really damaged by so many painkillers, is at balance now! I had many problems digesting some foods; I had gastritis, colitis, and candida problems. The treatment offered at Biotherapy clinic has really helped me a lot. They introduce me to healthy eating habits, and with the help of the supplements and the colonic cleanse program I no longer suffer of all those gastrointestinal problems any more. I’ m very happy with the results and highly recommend Biotherapy Clinic.  I was sick of having to take so many drugs and I visited so many different doctors before with no results, and I love that in Biotherapy Clinic, I was treated with all natural herbal supplements, no drugs, and amazing results!