Are Your Health Problems Yeast Connected?

By Dr. William G.Crook


If your answer is yes to any question, circle the number of  points you’ve accumulated. Your score will help you determine  the possibility (or probability) that your health problems are

yeast connected.

 Self – Test Point Score


1. Have you taken repeated or prolonged courses of antibacterial drugs?                                                                                                  4

2. Have you been bothered by recurrent vaginal, or urinary infections?                                                                                                 3

3. Do you feel “sick all over”, yet the cause hasn’t    been found?                                                                                                            2

4. Are you bothered by hormone disturbances, including   PMS, menstrual irregularities,  sexual dysfunction,  

sugar craving, low body temperature or fatigue?                                                                                                                                     2

5. Are you unusually sensitive to tobacco smoke, perfumes, colognes and other chemical odors?                                                               2

6. Are you bothered by memory or concentration problems? Do you  sometimes feel “spaced out”?                                                           2

7. Have you taken prolonged courses of prednisone or  other steroids; or have you taken “the pill” for more than 3 years?                      2

8. Do some foods disagree with you or trigger  your symptoms?                                                                                                           1

9. Do you suffer with constipation, diarrhea, bloating  or abdominal pain?                                                                                        1

10. Does your skin itch, tingle or burn; or is it unusually dry; or are you bothered by rashes?                                                          1

Scoring for women: If your score is 9 or more, your health

problems are probably yeast connected. If your score is 12

or more, your health problems are almost certainly yeast