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Head, neck, shoulder, knee and face pain

How Biotherapy Alternative Medicine Clinic can help people with head, neck, shoulder, knee and face pain.

The following is a list of conditions and symptoms that effectively respond to Biotherapy Clinic’s non-drug healing approach (not in order of frequency):

• tension headaches
• migraine headaches
• facial pain
• dental pain
• atypical chest pain
• neck pain, cervical radiculopathy
• shoulder pain (arthritis, frozen shoulder)
• elbow pain, tennis elbow
• hip pain
• knee pain
• calf pain
• feet pain
• Heel spurs, and plantar fascilitis
• phantom limb pain
• other neuralgias, and arthritis pain, etc.

Biotherapy Alternative Medicine Clinic of San Francisco Bay Area offers a comprehensive healing program for sufferers from musculoskeletal pain that includes:

Acupuncture (including non-needle techniques)
Electro puncture
Japanese scalp acupuncture
Korean wrist-foot acupuncture, Su-jok acupuncture
Russian ear point’s diagnostic and acupuncture
Vacuum and magnet therapy
Special physical exercises
Herbal Medicine
Nutritional Supplementation
Karlovy Vary Healing Mineral Water
Healing Foods Consultations
Whole Body Cleansing

Natural drugless methods of healing musculoskeletal pain are safe, highly effective, and do not cause complications. They are extensively used in various countries and now are being more and more widely applied here in the US as well.


To obtain the benefits from the Biotherapy Clinic please call (415) 409-3939 or (650) 365-3640 to make an appointment for free consultation. We’ll customize healing plan for you. We have more than 30-years of experience, unique methods and very good rate to help people like you.


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